person or personnel trapped alarm


The PTA/MK4 is designed to supercede the successful MK3 unit, offering additional benefits which include prolonged battery life, long life LED miniature indicators and more robust mute switch It also has the benefit of being stand alone or panel mounted. Like it’s predecessor it has full battery back up, but with this version up to 5 individual person trapped switches (PTS) can be connected alleviating the need for one alarm unit per door. The shrill sounder will alert staff to the alarm and it cannot be silenced without entering the room and releasing the captive personnel. Robust halo flashing LED person trapped switches are also a new addition for this unit.
person or personnel trapped alarm sounder


Compact design.
230Vac supply, with 12Vdc battery backed o/p.
Supplied with a person trapped switch (PTS.)
Up to 5 person trapped switched can be fitted.
Volt free C/O contacts for use with a BMS system.
Option to add door open alarm.
Sound Bomb option 104dB @1m
Visual/audible indication of supply/alarm status.
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person or personnel trapped alarm switch