ruby plus range refrigeration control panel

A more robust starter panel in a mild steel enclosure with a hinged door, function indicators & door interlocking isolator.

Powder coated mild steel
IP 54 dust & splash proof protection
Red/Yellow door interlocking isolator
Control circuit MCB
Anti short cycle timer (option)
Earth terminal bar
Neutral block
Rigid laminate plastic labeling
Corporate logo & contact number
Tamper proof turn buckle lock
Single phase condenser fan MCB
Anti short cycle timer if required on Ruby +1, add £25.00 (standard on Ruby +2 and Ruby +3)
3 phase fan starter, overload and short circuit protection, provision for HP switch and run & trip indicators, add £55.00 per fan motor

Direct On Line Options
Size 500 x 300 x 150

Overload SizeModelContactor SizeIsolator SizeCable Size
4.0- 6.3aRUM 116a45a2.5mm
6.3-10aRUM 216a45a2.5mm
10-16aRUM 326a45a2.5mm
16-20aRUM 426a45a4.0mm
20-25aRUM 532a45a4.0mm
25-32a RUM 6 38a45a6.0mm

Ruby +2
Part Wound Start Options
Sizes start at 500 x 400 x 150
*600 x 500 x 200 enclosure
All part wound starters are based on 50/50 start

Motor SizeModelContactor SizeIsolator SizeCable Size
5HPRUM PWS 116a45a2.5mm
7.5HPRUM PWS 216a45a2.5mm
10HPRUM PWS 326a45a4.0mm
15HPRUM PWS 426a45a6.0mm
20HP*RUM PWS 532a75a10.0mm
25HP* RUM PWS 638a75a10.0mm

Ruby +3
Star Delta Start Options
Sizes start at 600 x 500 x 200

Motor SizeModelContactor SizeIsolator SizeCable Size
5HPRUM SDS 13 x 16a45a2.5mm
7.5HPRUM SDS 23 x 16a45a2.5mm
10HPRUM SDS 33 x 16a45a4.0mm
15HPRUM SDS 42 x 26a & 1 x 16a45a6.0mm
20HPRUM SDS 52 x 30a & 1 x 20a75a10.0mm
25HP RUM SDS 62 x 30a & 1 x 26a75a10.0mm
30HPRUM SDS 72 x 38a & 1 x 30a75a16.0mm

Download our standard panel price list here