Commercial Control Panels

We build control panels to suit any shop, supermarket or restaurant. However basic or advanced the control system needs to be, whether it is refrigeration or HVAC, our electrical design team have an in depth knowledge of most current controllers to deliver the solution you require.

Frostechnic can recommend the most suitable control method for your installation, provide extremely competitive prices for all of the control panels required & deliver to any chosen address, all within the time constraints that seem to be placed on our industry.

We offer a full support service on all of the panels that we manufacture & can provide a commissioning service if required. We are happy to provide fault finding & rectification on control panels not supplied by us & will carry out modifications & update current wiring diagrams as required.

Industrial Panels

Industrial control panels cover many industries & each may have unique & rigid specification to follow.

We have supplied a vast array of control panels for industrial applications using heavy power, air circuit breakers, ASTA rated bus bar systems, & multi compartment panels for some high profile & blue chip end users.

Applications include:

Ammonia systems
Gas leak detection
Compressor motors with inverters
Evaporative condensers
SCADA packages
Industrial chillers
BMS Interface
Saw mill applications
Water pumping stations
Distribution centers
Generator controls
Bespoke software packages
Paper mills
Tanker wash

Frostechnic’s experienced team can attend site meetings to ascertain the exact requirements of the client. This may involve checking the space available into which the control panel would fit, logistics of delivery & off load, positioning & also checking that the supply is adequate to support the new plant being installed.

We would get instructions on how the plant is to be controlled & if done by PLC how many I/O (Inputs and Outputs) would be required enabling us to advise on the suitability of each PLC manufacturer. If a HMI ( human machine interface) is to be installed, then we would like to know what features the Customer would like to see. Touch screen is now becoming common place on industrial applications and the software can be as simple or diverse as the information required.