Many of our control panels may include HMIs (Human machine interfaces) or touch screens as they are more commonly known & have bespoke software written for a particular application. We also supply electronic inverters, PLCs and a spectrum of different electronic controllers and sometimes customers may have problems setting these up on site. We offer the service of attending site & setting up the electronics to suit the customer’s & end users needs, reducing maybe several hours of head scratching frustration.
The controls & sensors will all be set up & checked back at the control panel, the complete system run up & fully commissioned to ensure the smooth transition of the project handover.


As is the nature of control panel manufacture, systems are prone to modification & change & this is where we can step in & relieve the pressure of basic panel alterations. If you need to increase the size of a motor starter, add a couple of pumps to a system, monitor additional temperatures or just update the wiring schematics we are here to help.

Our engineers have fully stocked service vehicles and are only a phone call away for a rapid response to any modification requests.

Wiring schematic modifications will be taken care of by our in house engineering team & passed on to the service engineer to complete the modifications on site.

Completion would entail a complete electrical test on the circuit, visual inspection & provide the customer with freshly updated wiring diagrams.